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ZM  Machinery
Alcohol prep pad machine,Wet wipes packing machine,Non-woven Slitting Machine



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Alcohol pad machine,Bzk antiseptic swab,Alcohol swabstick   wet wipes machine,wet tissue machine   Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine,non-woven folding machine   Toilet paper machine,Tissue paper machinery  
Alcohol pad machine   Wet wipes machine   Non-wovens machine   Tissue paper machine   Cotton pads machine

ZhiMing Machinery Co.,Ltd specialized at Alcohol prep pad machine and wet tissue packing machinery designing and manufacturing.
Our competitive products:Alcohol prep pad packaging machine and Full auto wet wipes packing machine.This series of Packing Machine can be used to produce Four Side Sealing Bag the wet-padmedical wet wipes, Alcohol prep pad,Cleansing towelette,Shave wipes,Nail polish remove wipes,Povidone iodine prep pad,Bzk antiseptic swab,Alcohol swabstick,Povidone iodine swabstick,Lemon glycerine swabstick, medical wet wipes,aircraft wet wipes ,hotel wet tissue,computer cleaning wet tissue,lens cleaning wet wipes,glasses cleaning wet wipes,etc.

In addition, we also manufacture: Non-woven Processing machinery,Tissue paper machinery:

Non-woven machinery
Full-auto Non-woven Slitting & Roll-up Machine,Medical use non-woven folding machine,Dishcloth Processing machine,Non-woven cloth perforating and rewinding machine,Auto Non-woven cutting machine,Non-Woven Half-Folding & Rewinding Machine,Non-woven fabrics slice machine,Automatic nonwoven bag making machine,Roll cutting style automatic nonwoven flat bag making machine,MILAMI stencil clean roll machine,SMT stencil clean roll machine,KME stencil clean roll machine,DEK stencil clean roll machine,etc.

Tissue paper machinery
Printeded Napkin Folder(1-6 colors),Mini tissue folding machine,box-type facial tissue making machine,N-Fold Automatic Towel Folder,Type pneumatic rewinding rolling paper cutter,Point-to-Point Embossed Perforated Rewinder,Toilet paper machine,etc.  

Cosmetic Cotton pads machine
ZMJ-HM-Y   Rounded cosmetic cotton pad machine
ZMJ-HM-F   Squared comestic Cotton Pad Making Machine
MJ-HM-Z   Folded cosmetics cotton pad machine

Our machines are favored by function and favorable price,which has already spreadly used among chinese manufacturers and some countries in Asia, Europe,Middle East,and Africa.



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Alcohol prep pad packing machine